About Us

KIV Marketing Co. become a leading provider of global technical product solutions to construction, manufacturing, commercial, industrial, and government institutions in the Philippines since its founding in 2001. To cater to its growing domestic market, KIV Marketing Co. is currently divided into Industrial Sales Division, Construction Division and IT Solutions Division.

Vision and Foresight guide our corporate direction;
Intelligence and Know-how sustain our market leadership;
Productivity and Efficiency are keys to profitability.

The Company

Industrial Sales

Forging long-term business relationships through innovative industrial solutions.


Providing integrated construction services for different infrastructure projects.

IT Solutions

Delivering top-of-the-line IT services for IOT and Smart Cities


KIV Marketing Co. envisions itself to be one of the country’s top and distinguished technology and infrastructure providers which is capable of delivering services adherent to global standards and to be a pioneer in converting the Philippines into one of the advanced countries in Asia through its groundbreaking services.


KIV Marketing Co. shall be able to provide high quality services to forge strong and long-term relationship with its customers, to provide its employees a platform in improving their personal and professional growth, and to ensure compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements pertaining to financial management, health and safety, security, and risk management.


Leister Brochures

Wherever you need to apply heat, Leister provides the ideal solution. We have been the worldwide leader in the field of plastic welding and hot-air blowers for over 50 years.

Commercial and Industrial

General Engineering and Road Management

Government Institutions

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